On Behalf of Impactful People NW…….

On behalf of Impactful People, NW, the Board of Directors would like to make a statement.  The Board recently discovered several areas of concern regarding the organization’s finances, prompting an immediate response.  Part of the initial action taken by the Board was to remove the Executive Director/President from her current duties and to terminate her relationship with the organization. Effective April 15, 2019, Erika Laws is no longer associated with Impactful People, NW and she has no authority to act on behalf of or for the organization.  Further, the Board is cancelling all future events and is taking steps to dissolve the organization.  Please be advised that due to these actions, any future apparent transactions with Impactful People NW, Impactful Women NW, and/or Impactful Men, NW are in fact not  affiliated with or done with the consent of this Board unless specifically authorized by the Executive Board and pursuant to the winding up of the organization.  The organization will not be responsible for any contracts or obligations arising on or after April 17, 2019.  No donations or payments will be accepted by this organization moving forward.  The Board is working expeditiously to wind up the organization, cooperate with appropriate agencies and authorities, and respect the privacy of everyone involved.  It is our intention to resolve all outstanding claims and issues as quickly as possible and in accordance with all applicable laws.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  Please direct all inquiries impactfulquestions2@gmail.com or 360-524-3578